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Muestreo de insectos en el aire: diseño de un prototipo de soporte para trampas

Joan Isart Sabi


Design of a Prototype for the Placement of Traps in order to sample insects in the air. The Project AIR3-CT94-1607, entitled «Versatile controlled release dispenser for mating disruption with pheromones» and financed by the Commission of the European Communities, includes to sample on hazel nut fields (Corylus avellana Linnaeus, 1753) for the capture of
males of Zeuzera pyrina Linnaeus, 1761 (Lepidoptera, Cossidae), in the province of Tarragona (Spain). The placement of traps should stay in good state, in the same place and orientation, and they are supposed to support the possible meteorological adversities along the sampling period. In front of like difficulties we had to study a system of placement of the traps that result effective without interfering the results of sampling neither the conditions of appropriate cultiva-tion in this agroecosystem. Thereby a prototype was designed that, besides solving the problem that we had, we think could have an application much more wide for the sampling of insects with scientific aims (LEAAM Method). The method allows that the trap is fixed in
a select location, but it can gyrate. In addition, we can make a simultaneous sampling at diferents highs and/or with different types of traps.

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