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Las especies ibéricas del género Chlorissa Stephens, 1831, y algunos datos sobre su distribución en el NE ibérico (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Jordi Dantart


The iberian species of the genus Chlorissa Stephens, 1831, and some data on its distribution in the NE of the lberian Peninsula (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).

In this paper a taxonomic study on the four lberian species of the genus Chlorissa is carried out. These species form two groups of difficult identification: C. viridata (L.) -
C. cloraria (Hb.)
and C. pulmentaria (Gn.) - C. Faustinata (Mill.). With the purpose of clarifying the uncertainty between them, morphological and genital characters, useful to a correct identification, are discussed. Keys and illustrations of these species are given, and,
based on the samples examined, some bionomical aspects and the distribution of these species in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula are commented.

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