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Cis setiger mellié, 1848 en la Península Ibérica (coleoptera: cisidae)

Oleguer Escolà Boada, Amador Viñolas Saborit


Cis setiger Mellié, 1848 from lberian Peninsula (Coleoptera: Cisidae). In this first paper on the Iberian Cisidae is studied Cis setiger Mellié, 1848. Included, according to Lohse (1966), in the group of Cis boleti (Scopoli, 1763) near Cis micans (Fabricius, 1792)
and Cis rugulosus Mellié, 1848.

Species distinguished in the group by the margins of the pronotum ciliated, the
depression of the first sternites abdominal, in the male, oval and locate about previous margin and the conformation of the aedeagus.

Species mountainous and subalpine, common in all Europe. The studied specimen are of the eastern Pirineos, to 1,040 m of altitude.

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