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Patrón territorial y conformación del riesgo en espacios periurbanos. El caso de la periferia Este de la ciudad de Málaga.

María Jesús Perles Roselló, Matías Mérida Rodríguez


Peri-urban areas present morphological and functional features which single out the production of risk. The peculiarities of risk are analysed in the peri-urban areas, taking the Eastern outskirts of the city of Málaga as the focus of the study. The notion of risk is understood as a territorial phenomenon so much so that impacts are the consequence of the spatial and temporal interrelationships among the different elements and factors which constitute the territory, whether it be natural or human nature. The elements of the peri-urban morphological pattern which have an impact on the dangerousness and vulnerability concerning the risk are pointed out. Besides, the aspects of the peri-urban functional dynamics which determine the generation of risk are identified. Therefore, the singularity of the peri-urban area is taken under a context of risk. It can be said that it constitutes the starting point for an adaptation of the risk analysis methodologies to this complex and dynamic peculiar field.

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