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¿Plan Estratégico o estrategia para un discurso?: el caso de Bilbao.

Elías Mas Serra


The formulation of a Strategic Plan involves the design of a series of actions intended to transform the object of such plan into a new reality, considered critical. In the case of Bilbao and its environment it is assumed that it intended to overcome the effects of the crisis of the 1980s.

But as a consequence of its design and features, the Strategic Plan for the Revitalization of the Metropolitan Bilbao has some shortcomings. In fact territorial scheme in the design of the same aims at solving sectorial needs only. Besides, it suffers from a clear physical design of Bilbao and its Metropolitan Area in the future.

In spite of this, the discourse of a supposed strategy seems to receive the blessings of the society it is apparently addressed to and in some cases, it is shown internationally as an exemplary performance in the broader sense.

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