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The Toad and the Uterus: the symbolics of inscribed frogs.

Edina Gradvohl


Three frog pendants with ZOHN inscription were found in Pannonian cemeteries. Two out of three were made of glass and the third was made of lead (this last one has not been published yet). These pendants were found only in the graves of little girls. There were some coins in two graves which we can exactly date back. These coins can be dated back to the times of Constantine I. and Constantine II. This date is decades earlier than what we have believed about glass pendants from Syria. On the one hand, the amulet function of these objects alludes to the frog and the toad which were the symbol of the fertility in the Ancient Time and on the other hand, the ZOHN inscriptions on these pendants are in the accusative. These pendants were not only protecting their wearer from the misfortunes but also made favourable impressions on fertility.

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