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2009: Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 Monographic on Tetralogie

Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 Monographic on Tetralogie

Featuring the interview with Bernard Dousset from the IRIT research center in Toulouse; description of the informational tool Tetralogie; practical application of Tetralogie; evaluated papers; and reviews of the congress “European Competitive Intelligence Summit”, of the journal “Journal of Documentation”, and of several more articles.


Interview to Bernard Dousset (IRIT) PDF
Bernard Dousset 4-11


TETRALOGIE: Software for monitoring Science and Technology PDF
Bernard Dousset 13-21

Application tool papers

Methods of Selection for the extraction of weak signals PDF
Cristèle Roux 23-29


Recent events in Competitive Intelligence PDF
Víctor Cavaller 31-44
Spanish research groups on Economy and Management: a network analysis approach PDF
Mayte López Ferrer, Elena Velasco Arroyo, Julia Osca Lluch 45-59

Report collection of congresses, journals, books and reviewed articles

REVIEWS OF CONFERENCES-2: "European Competitive Intelligence Summit: Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals" PDF
Montserrat Garcia Alsina 61-62
REVIEW OF JOURNALS-2: "Journal of Documentation" PDF
Alexandre López-Borrull 64
REVIEW OF BOOKS-2: "Visualizing the Structure of Science" PDF
Aldara Cervera 66
REVIEW OF ARTICLES: "An introduction to infometrics" PDF
Matias Welling Flensborg 68-69
REVIEW OF ARTICLES: "Expansion of the field of informetrics: Origins and consequences" PDF
Matias Welling Flensborg 70
REVIEW OF ARTICLES: "Towards mapping library and information science" PDF
Matias Welling Flensborg 72-73
REVIEW OF ARTICLE: "Delay from patent filing to technology transfer: A statistical study at a major public research organization" PDF
Tomas Mosquera Blanco 74
REVIEW: "Making decisions using the balanced scorecard and the simple multi-attribute rating technique" PDF
Tomas Mosquera Blanco 75-76