Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Autòctons, migrants i ciències socials

Danielle Provanzal


Based on a review of the most significant work on cultural diversity
among the autonomic regions and on immigration in Catalonia and in Spain, this
article emphazises the relation between identity and otherness, as the resultat of
a cognitive construction process inherent in the social and political production
process of natives and migrants. In this regard, it underscores the conceptual,
ideological and consequently methodological interdependence between the social
sciences and public powers. The three major stages of this construction process the word stage being here used not in a chronological sense but in a logical one, it
is to say emphazising first the process of construction of "us" to understand better
the process of construction of "others" correspond respectively to the emphasis on
cultural peculiarities of each autonomous region, secondly, to the period of internal
migrations and that of intercontinental migrations. While in the second stage, the
internal migrants, regarded conceptually as "others", are the object of integration
policies tending to convert them into a social category included in "us", in the third
stage the migrants from outside the European Union are only looked at from the point of view of their difference, culture being then a symbolic boundary that is
difficult to cross.

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