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O animal não-humano e seu status moral para a ciência e o Direito no cenário brasileiro

Anamaria Gonçalves dos Santos Feijó, Cleopas Isaías do Santos, Natália de Campos Grey


The admission of non-human animals as sensible beings and possessors of interests is a historical and cultural process in constant development, no more restricted to the philosophical field, reaching also the legal scope and fomenting the discussion about the use (or not) of animals in experiences. Therefore, the objective of this work is to show how the debate about the non-human animal has been received in Brazil and how its legislation has following this theme. Through a theoretical and legal-normative analysis, the present study concludes that exist an increasing concern in protecting the animals against cruelty, towards their recognition as beings with dignity and also subjects of rights. However, it is necessary that society (which still is deeply anthropocentric) be capable of receive an ethic which respects the animals as ends in itselfs, as well as incorporates the existence of the moral relevance of non-human animals.

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