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Pressupostos fundamentais para reformulação dos códigos de ética médica (CEM)

Nedy Maria Branco Cerqueira Neves, José Eduardo de Siquiera


The doctors’ professional obligations are expressed in various medical documents. The Medical Ethics Code (MEC) has different functions, among them, maintain, promote and preserve the professional reputation, protect the professional union, to ensure company standards of professional practice with moral support, establish values, duties and professional virtues. Whereas MEC state ethical standards of validity limited in time, it is necessary a review periodically. Everyone in this new position refers to many reflections. What guidelines should be reflected in MEC wishing to respond to the moral conflicts present in society now? The objective of this study is to identify some essential parameters to integrate this new document. Methods: We performed a search of articles and publications on codes of ethics, codes of professional conduct and codes of medical ethics in the LILACS database (combining the descriptors). Discussion: The ethical debate is conducted with the aim of improving the ethical standards established. The ethical standards reflects on the moral force, seeking to fit them into new realities of social life, making them more suitable for living a more harmonious interpersonal. Tip of Fundamental Principles to be included in MEC: Human Dignity; Social Justice; Responsibility; Confidentiality; Patient and doctor autonomy; Medical rights; Healthy environment. Proposal for ethical standards in MEC: Administration; Conflict of interests; Documentation; Teaching; New technologies; Research; Advertising and propaganda; Relationship with patients, families and other professionals; Liability expert. Final considerations: The social relations are intermediated by values, considering time and place. The reflections presented on this trial intend to create an instrument of control the medical activity, using a MEC that meets the aspirations of contemporary society.

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