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New rules to ensure the protection of animals in Spain. Spanish Animal Welfare Act. 32/2007. 7th November (BOE. 268, 8th November 2007. Number 19321)

Teresa Giménez-Candela


Law 32/2007, on 7th November for the care of animals in their exploitation, transport, experimentation and sacrifice. The law ist composed of an Preamble and structured in three titles, completed by an additional provision and six final provisions. This Act provides, in compliance with the Community mandate, a set of principles on the Animal care and schedule off offenses and penalties that gives legal effect to the obligations under current regulations. The Act also provides the foundation for the system of penalties. This is accomplished by establishing a common denominator policy in which the autonomous communities exercise their powers. That common denominator guarantees the consistency necessary for the operation of the applicable rules and ensures a minimum proportionality in the sanctions.

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