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Apropiación de la naturaleza por una Comunidad Maya Yucateca : un análisis económico-ecológico

Eduardo García Frapolli, Víctor M. Toledo, Joan Martínez-Alier


Using an ecological-economic approach to ecosystems appropriation, in this paper we analyze the adaptive openness of contemporary Yucatec Maya multiple use management of natural resources to ecotourism activities. Using data obtained from 63 household interviews in three Yucatec Maya communities located in the northeastern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula, we describe, quantify and analyze the communities’ productive activities in order to reveal the ecological, economic and social conditions under which their productive strategies are developed. Results show that households from these communities implement a strategy based on the management of 5 land use units: milpa; homegardens; secondary forest; aquatic systems; and old-growth forest, in which they implement 15 different economic activities. Since the region is quickly becoming an important tourist destination and ecotourism is replacing many traditional activities, we discuss the need for a balance between traditional and alternative economic activities.

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