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Compensaciones monetarias y conservación de bosques. Pagos por servicios ambientales y pobreza en una comunidad rural en Honduras

Miguel Martínez Tuna, Nicolás Kosoy Daroqui


This study is based on the experience of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) in Jesús de Otoro, Honduras and analyses the impact of the PES on the users’ economies, as well as the degree of fulfillment of the market conditions. For that purpose six scenarios were proposed. The payment capacity of the users was evaluated through different payments and protecting different areas in the hydrological recharge zone. The results show the PES does not cover the opportunity costs of the land. Other conclusions highlight the negative effects of an increase in the level of monetary compensations user’s economy. Similarly, an increase in the area under PES will negatively affect users’ purchase power. Finally we conclude that social agreements are more important compared to fulfilling market conditions for the establishment and functioning of a PES scheme.

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