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Aplicación de un análisis de múltiples criterios en gestión hídrica local

Rocío Hartley Ballestero


Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a void in the environmental policy of Costa Rica. The design of a consistent policy for the appropriate management and conservation of water resources has been postponed for decades. This limitation has produced an important damage to one of the main aquifer recharge areas located in the high lands of the municipalities of Santa Barbara, Barva, and San Rafael de Heredia. In this area water is used for different productive and social activities. Besides, every user conceptualizes, relates and defends different meanings about water use which has to be taken into account in the design of management policies. The complexity of these decisions requires the support of scientific methods which can deal with the diversity and uncertainty related to the use if this resource. Multiple Criteria Analysis and the NAIADE model are used in this study, because they integrate a wide range of perspectives of water as an ecosocial asset. The construction of this model brings a solution ranking to the area, as a corner stone for the design of a water management policy that includes: water management plans, private and public investment, institutional coordination and legal and Institutional reform.

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