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Nueva ruralidad comunitaria y sustentabilidad : contribuciones al campo emergente de la economía-ecológica

Mario E. Fuente Carrasco


Ecological economics criticizes mainstream economic approaches to rationality and supports alternative models based on environmental and distributive justice concerns. As these models can be particularly relevant for analyzing environmental issues in Latin America, this study employs them to consider the interaction of several rural communities, immersed in processes of constructing new concepts and practices of communitarian rurality in the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Michoacán. We argue that the study of these processes offers valuable empirical and analytical insights, which suggest that these initiatives aim at the social appropriation of nature by incorporating the need for a greater coordination between social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, the study of these processes can offer useful lessons for developing a methodology that can help foster a dialogue among different knowledge systems as part of the search for defining alternative strategies for sustainable resource management. Finally, we formalize this set of strategies into an analytical model.

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