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Análisis comparativo de prácticas agrícolas sustentables en comunidades campesinas e indígenas de la Meseta Purépecha, México

Dante Ariel Ayala Ortiz, Hilda R. Guerrero García Rojas


In this paper we propose and evaluate a method to estimate some relevant aspects about the sustainability concept of agricultural peasant, analyzing a study case from the Meseta Purepecha region, in the west of Mexico. We compare peasant-indigenous production units versus peasant-non indigenous units, applying the U of Mann-Whitney test (a non parametric method). In general, our results point out that the peasant-indigenous communities have agricultural practices more sustainable than no indigenous, showing a statistically significant difference. As a relevant methodological contribution, we design an instrument of contingent value in order to estimate the “willingness to seed maize criollo”, which could be applied to value the supply of non-market goods.

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