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Propuesta metodológica para valorar el impacto de las actividades económicas en áreas costeras

Mary Luz Moreno Díaz


The coastal areas are very important for the economic and social development of the countries; nevertheless, they received negative impacts over their natural and environmental resources not only from those activities developed in these areas but also from others realized in the medium and high river basins. At the moment, some methodological frameworks allows the valuation of the services bring for the coastal ecosystems, nevertheless there are lack of some fundamental aspects like the incorporation, from the beginning of the process, of social aspects, the validation of results and the generation of recommendations that can be including in the management of the RENAs and that previously are validated by the involved actors. The methodology starts from the identification of the negative effect on the coastal RENAs, the identification of the main origins of the problem (Economic activities/population); the generation of physical, social and economic indicators; the economic valuation of the effects; the validation of the results obtained in the process and the generation of recommendations for the suitable conservation and use/exploitation of coastal RENAs.

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