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La calidad ambiental como variable estratégica en cadenas agroalimentarias con tecnologías continuas

Gerardo Jiménez, Wim Pelupessy


The main objective of this article is to develop a methodology to assess the advantages of strategically improving the environmental quality along global agro-food chains with continuous technologies. The methodology is developed by complementing the Global Commodity Chains Approach (GCC) with the Games Theory. An application to the global coffee chain in Costa Rica is made, specifically in studying the potentials for cooperation towards improving the environmental quality in the cultivation and first processing stages. However, we expect the methodology can be applied to other stages of the same chain or to other chains of continuous technologies and different levels of complexity. A definition of the technological options as a function of the environmental quality is made for the cultivation and first processing stages of the coffee chain. It is concluded that the coffee industry applies continuous technologies, which means that the intensity in the use of the relevant inputs in the cultivation and first processing stages can vary in a continuous manner; then, the environmental impact can vary in a continuous manner as well, according to the technology used.

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