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Impacto de las regulaciones ambientales en las estrategias de comercialización del café costarricense

Suyen Alonso Ubieta, Gerardo Jiménez


The use of instruments of environmental management has been introduced in the way of doing business. By external pressure or by national initiative, the fact is that the implementation of environmental practices has been rise, and thus, more companies displayed through these mechanisms important support tools for the projection of their business strategies. In the national coffee sector, although initially the need to develop measures related to environmental management processes responded to an internal pressure, this situation had been change being the demands of international buyers, located in stages in the chain closer to the final consumer, the factor that have led the companies to formalize this regulations. Considering the impact that environmental regulations may have on the behavior of local coffee actors, the central objective of this article is evaluate how the environmental requirements demanded by external agents, impact the marketing strategies of producers and coffee millers located in the West Central Region (RCO) of Costa Rica.

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