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Enfoque de cadenas globales, en pequeños productores de muebles de madera, Guatemala

Roberto Cancino Toledo, Mario Rodríguez Acosta


The paper refers to furniture upholstery and solid wood production, made by small furniture producers in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. It is part of the development of theoretical and methodological approach to global supply of goods-CGM chain, which is to work, except that producers operate under analysis only at the national market. In sizes up the approach addressing issues related to the input product, to see the source of raw materials and processing. It emphasizes the production process in the workshops and the established relations with other actors in the raw materials supply and funding sources. The furniture placing shows the conditions in which they operate. The small producers of furniture organization role, opens new expectations in the production and marketing. The geographical location of the town creates a comparative advantage provision terms of raw materials and proximity to the capital to market the products. It addresses public and private institutional issues at different stages such as design and marketing. Finally conclusions are presented on aspects.

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