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Territorio y sustentabilidad. El "caldenal" en la lógica actual del capitalismo

Stella Maris Shmite


The concept of territory, applied to the study of changes in the rural space, allows including –simultaneously– in the analysis the different social subjects who interact in the present reality; such as the changes in productivity and the non– agrarian activities. The territory is a social construction combining multiple variables. In the present globalized context where everything is “commercialized”, the rural space is no longer considered as the sustain of food production and multiple variables can be identified within it. The extractive production principle imposed to the rural space shows a history of an “outwards” transference of natural resources. Contemporary capitalism boosts a de–territorialism process when sustainability implies a re–territorialism process. From this perspective, capitalism and sustainability are opposite concepts. In this article there is an analysis of the territory–sustainability dialectic from a theoretical perspective with the purpose of showing, later, the “commercialization” of the territory through a case study: the caldenal in La Pampa province, Argentina.

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