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Análisis multicriterio de la conservación de suelo : aplicación a una cuenca representativa del centro argentino

Jorge Dante de Prada, Tsoung-Chao Lee, Ariel Ricardo Angeli, José Manuel Cisneros, Alberto Cantero G.


Soil erosion (SE) is one of the most important problems of agriculture, with economic and environmental impacts: on and off-farm in the south of Córdoba, Argentina. In this paper, the cost on farm of increasing soil conservation (SC) for different scenarios is quantified: in Scenario 1) the farmer knows the cost of SE, in S2) he does not know it, and in S3) he knows it and adheres to the state policy of SC. Goal programming with a model (6 goals, 18 restrictions and 72 decision variables) is used for a farmer located in the south of Cordoba, Argentina. The result shows different level of conflicts between profit and SC goals. That is more important in S2 when the farmer ignores on farm economic impacts. In S1 and S3, the farmer can achieve 78% of SC by reducing less than 10% of profit.

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