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El balance de nutrientes en la Provincia de La Pampa y sus implicancias económicas

Daniel H. Iglesias, Norberto Luis Zanotti, Gabriela Iturrioz, Enrique Álvarez Costa, Héctor D'Adam, Knut Wiedenhöfer, Juan José Vasallo


La Pampa province experienced an intensification of cropping that brought about environmental deterioration that deserves to be analyzed and evaluated from an economical point of view. The lack of economic-environmental information doesn't allow to evaluate and to position this problem in its real magnitude. The nutrient balance for Wheat, Corn, Sunflower and Soybean was considered and economically quantified. The extraction reached values of 21 Million dollars, 15% of the production value. Chapaleufú, Maracó and Atreucó counties, concentrated 46% of the total reinstatement cost. Soybean represented 50% of the cost of total reinstatement, Sunflower 22%, Wheat 16% and Corn 12%, respectively. A negative environmental administration is presented with marked differences between districts and considered crops.

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