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La situación escolar del alumnado de minorías étnicas: el modelo explicativo ecológico-cultural de John Ogbu

José Eugenio Abajo Alcalde, Silvia Carrasco Pons


The explanatory model more contrast (and therefore probably the most fruitful) to understand the school situation of pupils from ethnic minorities is developed by the anthropologist John Ogbu and is also a central reference point in studies on this subject internationally. So do not stop producing surprise that when doing research or writing or organize conferences on the schooling of students from ethnic minorities in Spain are often still not taken into account and Ogbu, however, be repeated trite explanations Ogbu and his followers that long ago undertook to refute with facts and solid arguments. This document only serves to be an informative material on the explanatory model of John Ogbu. This text is made with fragments of Ogbu or articles of authors who have developed this framework and / or who have applied in Spain (sometimes these fragments are taken verbatim paragraphs and other paragraphs are summaries of those articles). The eco-cultural explanatory theory was developed by John Ogbu from his first studio in 1974 until his death in August 2003 with various reformulations and new empirical applications of the same, by Ogbu’s own and other researchers.

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