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Baldomero Cateura, biografía y aportaciones musicales : la mandolina española y el pedalier sistema Cateura

Miriam Perandones


In this detailed study, Dr. Miriam Perandones presents us with an unpublished panorama of the Spanish music of the second half of the XIX century, which revolves around the multifaceted personality of Baldomero Cateura (1856-1929), a determined business man who uplifted this facet with his dedication to music, in the Barcelona of the Universal Exhibition in 1888, open to Europe. He invented the Spanish mandolin, for which he designed new resources, and the Piano-Pédalier, which interested many pianists of the time, especially Granados, and which won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Paris in 1896. The study, meticulous and detailed, sheds much light on performers and composers of the time, and opens new avenues for research.

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