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Catálogo descriptivo de libretos de tonadillas impresos en Barcelona en el siglo XVIII

Aurèlia Pessarrodona Pérez


The author presents a catalogue of light-hearted song librettos printed in Barcelona in the second half of the 18th century based on the research she carried out for her doctoral thesis. As Pessarrodona points out in the introduction to the catalogue, these small works of art are not only a bibliographic rarity, but they also show unpublished aspects of the cultivation of the light-hearted song in Barcelona. In general, these librettos are good proof of the fruitful light-hearted song activity in Barcelona in the 1770’s at the hand of composers such as Jacinto Valledor and Tomás Presas, and with such distinctive characteristics such as the outstanding use of Catalan. The catalogue which follows was compiled in accordance with the ISBD(A) standard and with the corresponding musical incipits of the lighthearing songs where the music has been localized without omitting the sources of these precious documents.

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