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Planes y proyectos territoriales: escenarios de la metrópolis planificada

Iliana Mignaqui


ENG: The metropolitan region of Buenos Aires is a functional unit where a third of the population of the country live in. While there have been numerous attempts to give it a metropolitan authority, this has not been possible due to institutional fragmentation, regulatory competition and diversity of plans and projects for its territory. The recent establishment of the Matanza – Riachuelo basin Authority, opens new expectations in terms of governance and metropolitan planning: the State, through land use planning and public investment, can influence directly in the process for recovering the place and determine the conditions or bias of the future territorial development of an area or region. This article analyze the changes produced in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires in during the last two decades, from the actions of governmental actors (plans and projects) and the economic actors, for presenting the scenarios of development in debate.

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