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Gestión metropolitana del transporte colectivo en Buenos Aires: falsos dilemas y perspectivas

Andrea Gutiérrez


ENG: The management of the transport system in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires, once a pioneer regarding Latin American cities and also the urban dynamics itself, shows a stalemate that compromises its ability to respond to current challenges. There is also an inertia in the
situation diagnosis, since the attention is addressed to the circumstances, and a fragmented treatment of the transport services and the analysis
dimensions. This paper points out the management of transport system (which includes public and private services) reviewing the past twenty
years in order to identify illustrative changing trends. This path allows us to construct a guideline that includes socio-spacial and economic
aspects, and also the quality of public transport services (train, metro, bus, taxi) and the new private services (charter and remis). The
compared diagnosis shows the socio-spatial inequality as a shared consequence of metropolitan transport system management. We end up by
identifying management challenges and some false dilemmas, facing the future.

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