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Reestructuración de la red de autopistas y metropolización en Buenos Aires

Jorge Blanco, Darío San Cristóbal


ENG: The article examines the relationship between the development of the metropolitan highway network of Buenos Aires and different
aspects of the metropolization process starting in the 1990's. Since then there are significant changes in the transportation system
involving structural changes in the dynamics of metropolitan expansion. One of the purposes of this study is to recompose the
characteristics and dynamics of the relationship between a mobility model, introduced as automobile-intensive, and certain
urbanization models. Two other goals refer to: the discussion of the dominant character of the automobile-intensive model and the
consequent subordination of other mobilities, and an introduction to the idea of appropriation of accessibility derived from the
expansion of the metropolitan highway network. This paper articulates the metropolitan scale analysis with case studies on the North
Access Highway of Buenos Aires, Provincial Highway 6 and the project of Pilar-Pergamino Highway.

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