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Acceso a la tierra urbana y políticas de suelo en el Buenos Aires metropolitano: apuntes para la reflexión

Nora Clichevsky


ENG: Historically, in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires has not existed explicit public policy for the different urban land markets and their submarkets. There are few exceptions, such as the one arose in the early fifties intended for residential submarket to low-income sectors, which fall into decline at the beginning of the seventies. On the one hand, the lack of state policies towards urban land, and on
the other, socioeconomic status of the population since the seventies, with a significant worsening unemployment and an income distribution concentration in the nineties of last century, have led to a segmentation and exclusion exacerbation of the spaces occupied by different social sectors, already present in previous decades. Urban land seizures in 2010 are the result of the situation of poorest urban

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