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Dinámicas, morfologías y singularidades en la reestructuración metropolitana de Buenos Aires

Pablo Ciccolella, Lorena Vecslir


ENG: The article intends to analyze the major territorial transformations in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires over the past two decades (1990-2010), highlighting the similarities and differences between them, and in reference to the experience of other large Latin American metropolis. It is tried to interpret trends toward processes and forms of globalization, at the same time that some singularities in localization patterns, specific behaviors and morphologies of this region are assessed. Thus the work focuses on the analysis of metropolitan centrality reconfiguration (consolidation of existing centers and subcenters, and emergence of new complex
centralities); productive activities relocation and industrial parks diffusion; and housing restructuring (residential suburbanization, verticalization of consolidated urban fabric and slums expansion). This path is considered essential in order to provide arguments to
the discussion on the desirable territorial model, the problem of metropolitan governance and necessary guidelines and urban planning tools to compensate the distortions that market action tends to generate in metropolitan areas.

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