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Revisitando la metrópolis latinoamericana más allá de la globalización

Pablo Ciccolella


ENG: The Metropolitan transformations in Latin America have been considerable during the last decades. This creates the need for a revitalized discussion on the new nature of the Latin American city, trying to identify common features and singularities in the great metropolis of the region. In particular, this paper tries to discuss about the new tensions that these new Metropolitan scenarios are showing, such as the difficulties of local State to understand and metabolize these changes and develop effective forms of intervention on urban space; the advance of a hegemonic urban project represented mainly by financial and real estate capital; and the worsening of an historically unequal territorial socio-economic structure. As a background to these tensions, significant questions appear: Is it possible to think in a competitive, productive
and in turn socially fair and territorially integrated Latin American city? What images, what city models are emerging as a result of the
accelerated changes suffered by the metropolis, and, at the same time, what imaginary, what urban utopias are emerging?

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