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El parque central metropolitano, pieza singular del sistema de espacios libres: hacia una definición crítica

Joan Florit Femenias


ENG: Today in great metropolis we can usually find a complex open space system, as one of the major differences between them and ordinary
cities. Sometimes, this open space system comprises one patch with special features and leading role because of its qualities and dimension
that could be named Metropolitan Central Park.
There are two basic components of our research. The first involves researching the origin of this kind of parks from the history of culture
and from each case study history. The second component studies collective leisure as a function that central park performs and is a key
part of the critical analysis of the park program.
Ultimately, our research tries to discuss these large parks’ conditions, with the aim of contributing to our understanding of the composition
of the contemporary metropolis. We try to establish that the central park has an urban value over and above its environmental

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