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Direito à cidades x direito de propiedade: dos conflitos fundiários urbanos à regularização fundiária

Glória Cecília dos Santos Figueiredo, Mônica de Paulla Aragão, Thais de Miranda Rebouças


ENG: This article tries to understand, inside the situations of urban land conflicts currently placed in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador
(Bahia, Brasil), the existence of experiences to challenge and overcome the individual right of property in favor of the prevalence of social
rights. From the study report Urban Land Conflicts and Violations of the Human Right to Adequate Housing in Greater
Metropolitan Salvador, established in 2007 under the Human Rights Commission of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Bahia,
which identified and characterized 42 (forty two) areas of conflict situations in urban land, we have analyzed the possibilities of
constitutions space marked by collective appropriation, through the regularization of land ownership. Arise, in this way, the challenges
and possibilities for effective actions to regularize land that meet the demands of communities and social groups, social and economically
vulnerable, involved in situations analyzed.

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