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Repensar La Habana: en búsqueda de la sustentabilidad urbana

Gina Rey


ENG: Central Havana, as many old urban central areas worldwide , presents a problem of great complexity due to the
advanced deterioration of its built stock and infrastructures, the lack of free spaces and the environmental
contamination that produce a critical situation of the inhabitant`s living conditions. However, these areas possess a
valuable cultural tangible and intangible patrimony as well as neighborhoods with their own socio-cultural wealth,
which provide the possibilities of being transformed into economic resources for development. The advanced ideas
in the field of the urban thinking and other related disciplines, together with the appearance of management
instruments like heritage’s mise en valeur, local endogenous development, urban sustainability, innovative contexts
and the advanced management models, provide solutions to these urban conflicts and allow to undertake a
rehabilitation process, demonstrating this urban development model's capacity to preserve those sectors deep
meaning for the city and the national culture as well as to increase the quality of living conditions. This article
summarizes the results of an investigation carried out by the Center of Urban Studies from Havana´s Architecture
Faculty , entitled Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation for Central Havana, undertaken between 2006 and 2008. It received
awards from the Higher Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría and from the Ministry of Higher
Education for their contribution to social development.

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