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Intercambios internacionales, estrategias urbanísticas y aspectos políticos: España, Buenos Aires y Rosario (1979-1993)

Guillermo Jajamovich


ENG: This article addresses a number of international exchanges of ideas and urban strategies related to political issues among Spain (Madrid,
Barcelona and Andalusia), Buenos Aires and Rosario, between 1979 and 1993. Alteration of the ideas and planning strategies once they
are applied in different cultural and political contexts are analyzed, as well as the cross-legitimations at political and urban planning levels
involving these exchanges. Between 1979 and 1993, Buenos Aires and Rosario are visited by architects, urban managers, consultants who
signed cooperation agreements with Spanish cities. It will be analized the preliminary plan of MBM architects for the Spain Park in
Rosario, 20 ideas for Buenos Aires Competition, Madero Port operation based on the Madero Old Port strategic plan and San Francisco
Square, a result of the cooperation between the MCBA and Andalusia government.

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