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Políticas públicas urbanas e instrumentos de regulación en la ciudad de Rosario

Cintia Ariana Barenboim


ENG: With the intention to address changes in the current context that affect the physical conformation of the city (suburbanization, social
fragmentation - territorial redefinition of urban segments, vertical densification, etc.) the Municipality of Rosario has been tackling a project of
integration and transformation sustainable significant feature in the last two decades.
Local government raised a number of policies and policy instruments are being developed in a coordinated manner: municipal decentralization,
strategic planning and urban planning. While the latter already exist, continues to be updated in the different versions of the Urban Plan
Rosario and conjugated with new government policies.
This article makes a brief introduction to urban public policies and then focus on the general regulatory instruments and particular to
contemporary urban planning has to take forward the planning of land in the city.

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