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Problemáticas del crecimiento urbano sobre áreas rurales en sistemas de oasis

Elena Taber, Graciela Nozica


ENG: The urban growth on rural areas is a very sensitive subject addressed in the literature. This process takes on particular significance in the
urban micro-region of San Juan City, built on the oasis formed by the valleys of Tulum, Ullum and Zonda, according to the
particularities of this environment socially constructed. This oasis is subjected to a double pressure: the advance of desertification, from
the outside and the urban sprawl of San Juan City, from the inside. In this article we study a specific area of San Juan's urban microregion,
corresponding to the southern strip of San Juan City built-up urban area , in the Department of Pocito. This area clearly
expresses the expansion and suburbanization processes, where is also possible to identify a rururban emerging dynamic, therefore is
relevant for understanding desertification. We intend to contribute with some considerations on how to address this phenomenon in semiarid
regions that characterize the American southwest diagonal.

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