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Planificar para la integración territorial: los escenarios deseables de inserción de la provincia de San Juan al MERCOSUR

Graciela Nozica


ENG: The Argentinian National Policies to consolidate the MERCOSUR have a direct impact in the shape of the territory. The Strategic
Regional Plan Argentina 2016, redefines the integration through bio-oceanic corridors, the upgrading of national peripheral areas,
and the interconnection provided by the networks; all these elements become important advantages for the positioning of Argentina's
economy within the international circuit.
In this article the technique of scenario building is used to analyse the factors affecting the inclusion of the province of San Juan in the
MERCOSUR. On the one hand, the province is influenced by the regional structure built by the block and, on the other, is conditioned
by the geographical position and the connectivity offered by the provincial territory, in order to reap the benefits of integration.

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