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Lógicas de ocupación en la conformación del territorio: ordenamiento territorial como instrumento de la planificación

Alicia V. Malmod


ENG: This article is an essay that aims an approach to the logics of territorial occupation, taking as reference the peripheral areas of an
intermediate city, San Juan, Argentina.
It is argued that each territory is organized from the combination of social, economic and environmental rationalities, mediated by
political rationalities. The common result of these processes in Latin American cities is the socio-spatial segregation. This paper, intends
to present the way these logics are interconnected in San Juan city, in terms of actors involved, land use patterns and processes of
exclusion, in the production of residential space.
This analysis is referenced on a research and proposal of land management, developed by the Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y
Diseño, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina, in a matter of consulting the provincial government.

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