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Campus y ciudad: la experiencia del Barcelona Knowledge Campus

Estanislao Roca Blanch


ENG: This article presents a reflection on university campus and its relationship with the city, through topics and invariants of settlement
patterns and paradigmatic cases. Campus set different situations and ways of urban relationship, from urban location of early european
models, to suburban locationsof anglo-saxon models.
The article continues with a summary of professional and academic experience of Campus Diagonal in Barcelona, where the author
drafted a development plan. The objective of this plan is: to revitalize the campus and to link the city through integration strategies with
the surrounding tissue, incorporating complementary uses to the students. This campus belongs to the University of Barcelona (UB) and
the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), which were presented together under the identification of Knowledge Campus
Barcelona. BKC. It was also presented at the Campus of Excellence, opened by the Ministries of Education and Science and
Innovation in Spain, earning a prestigious distinction in November 2009. The article presents the most relevant aspects of urban and
architectural proposals of BKC, which is a ¨ cluster” of first-class training and reference. It also has the highest concentration of
knowledge in southern Europe, and novel and innovative teaching projects.

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