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El desarrollo y su planificación: evolución del concepto y su influencia en procesos urbanos endógenos, sustentables y participativos

Fernando Tauber


ENG: The general objective of this panoramic investigation is to analyze the distinctive features and the evolution of the concept of cities and
regions planning development. The particular objectives are to identify the origin, stages and dimensions of such concept evolution,
considering both planning and development, while assessing the territorial extent of its present-day diffusion, with particular focus on
Latin America.
The work methodology was based on document investigation, founded on bibliographical research and web exploration, allowing the
formulation of a general diagnosis to the evolution of the development process. The latter was proved to be a systemic, synergic,
endogenous, inclusive and sustainable process of transformation of cities, their communities and their institutions. Derived from this
progress, communities searching for an adequate urban development process, condition the evolution of their planning, from a normative
conception to a strategic one, firstly, situational and, finally, participative.

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