Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Las comunidades jardín: antiguas intuiciones para nuestras nuevas ciudades

Jordi Franquesa Sànchez


ENG: Garden communities are urban interventions which, from the provision of building types based in the private garden and a strategic use
of open spaces and facilities, seek the sense of community within the operation. The content of this article derives from an extensive survey
that is located in the Catalan region, ranging from the late nineteenth century until 1960, when the private vehicle access by the society
implies a substantial shift towards the idea of community and therefore, this model of design. This study shows that community gardens
have the versatility to adapt to different cultural contexts, without losing its main identifying features, a fact which results in a wide range
of projectual results, whose importance lies in the fact that it is a substantial precedent to support the growth of our actual cities.

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