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Nuevas centralidades del ocio y del consumo: ámbitos, modalidades e instrumentos de regulación de las grandes superficies comerciales en la Región Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

Lorena Vecslir


ENG: Among the current process of metropolitan centrality restructuring, large-scale stores of leisure and consumption exert a starring role, as
articulating nodes of urban regions which tend to an increasingly net-worked configuration and operation. In the Buenos Aires case,
following the example of other Latin American metropolis, the proliferation of these establishments and its importance in the
development of new territorial urban space, stands in neat opposition to an ambiguous urban planning, which ignores the supramunicipal
logics of these artifacts and, at a local scale, seems to adapt urban regulations to specific market demands. In relation to this problem
and from a “propositive” viewpoint, this work inquiries into the relationship between new ways of metropolitan centrality and
subcentrality; territorial distribution of major centers of consumption; their main morphotypological modalities; and location, formal and
functional regulation parameters which derive from existing instruments.

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