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Suburbios residenciales: modernización territorial, operaciones inmobiliarias e imágenes suburbanas, 1910-1940

Ana Gómez Pintus


ENG: The purpose of this work is to contribute with new topics to the knowledge of the suburban sprawl that took place in Buenos Aires
Metropolitan Area between 1910 and 1940. In the context of a broad process of modernization – including territorial transformation
along with the expansion of the highway network and tourism-, we pretend to analyze the construction of residential suburban nuclei
inhabited by middle and high income population. We will focus in the relation between two processes: on the one hand, the material
development going on in these nuclei and on the other a growing interest showed by the media which contribute to the diffusion of this
Apparently, high income suburbs only comprehended a small portion in the metropolitan scenario, in spite of what; they acquired a
broader cultural relevance facilitating the erection of an urban imaginary among broader portions of society.
Finally, this tour will provide us with the opportunity to set the dimension of private enterprise and individual development in the
construction of the territory.

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