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El sistema crítico: mecanismos para la apropiación cívica de la red infraestructural metropolitana

Joan Moreno Sanz


ENG: Critical System is the result of the overlapping area between the logic of infrastructures and the dynamics of
biophysical matrix, that acts as a support. The criteria of economy and security have prevailed in the design of highperformance
networks over accessibility, continuity and identity as key issues for the integration of the territory.
Nowadays, the great metropolitan corridors are more heterogeneous and expectant, without any opportunity for
civic activities; redoubts testimonial from a past that today, with some historical perspective, lends itself to
consideration. The following article aims to assess the suitability of the Critical System as a strategic field of civic
integration of the network infrastructure. The proposed methodology is applied to the case of Llobregat river
corridor, the main communication hub of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.

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