Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Infraestructura e arquitectura

Ivo Pereira de Oliveira


ENG: As part of an investigation under the title of the contemporary commonplace: proposals based on the reinvention
of the infrastructure is intended to present specific topics in the territory of contemporary reality that can positively
inform the proposed transformation. In a territory between the Portuguese cities of Porto and Aveiro, which
characteristics are generally common to urban areas among the most European cities, we carried on a photographic
record of the infrastructure’s spaces. We emphasized the temporal relations and hierarchy complexity of urban
space, the dichotomy between the places of everyday life and infrastructure. A critical analysis the logical
production and deconstruction of these spaces allowed the definition of two thematic groups, the elementary and
the linearity systems of production and representation of the infrastructure, Determination and Indeterminacy in
the spaces of contemporary road. The consideration of these issues as intrinsic to the nature of contemporary
infrastructure and its reinvention, may contribute to the development of methodologies and design solutions
grounded in the specificity of contemporary territory.

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