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El impacto psicológico y emocional en los intérpretes y traductores de los servicios públicos : un factor a tener en cuenta

Carmen Valero Garcés


This paper deals with the influence of emotional and psychological impact in interpreters in public services (IPS). This topic is not new in the field of interpreting, however it still remains rather unexplored in the IPS sphere despite of its importance. Previous research shows that a great percentage of IPS admit that the tasks they are requested usually go beyond the simple transfer of information (e.g. explaining cultural habits or beliefs, serving as a bridge in conversations about specific aspects of community life, distribution of functions and responsibilities in the family, often listening to stories of misfortune, torture, or disgrace). In order to cope with this active implication, the IPS has to possess a high emotional stability to undertake with success certain particularities of the nature of their work and some specific training, which is not always the case. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of these psychological and emotional challenges which IPS face in the course of their work, the resources available to cope with them and the recommendation for appropriate support services and training.

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