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Influencias de los idiomas de los confines orientales de Polonia en el lenguaje literario polaco y sus repercusiones en la traducción

Bozena Anna Zaboklicka Zakwaska


During some centuries Poland was a multicultural State with its Eastern Borderlands ethnically, culturally and linguistically diversed. The majority of important Polish writers proceeded from the Eastern Borderlands and when they wrote about Poland they were, in fact, describing their «small countries»: Lithuania with Belarus and Ukraine. But not only was the reality of their literature different from the one of the central Poland, but also the language they used was influenced by the autochthonous languages. A lot of Polish literature works has been written in the special Polish dialects of the Eastern Borderlands that mixed Polish with the local languages elements. This procedure creates in the Polish readers a feeling of familiarity and strangeness at the same time, but it is extremely difficult to translate into not Slavonic languages.

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