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La tristeza en La plaça del Diamant : una aproximación discursiva y traductológica

Montserrat Cunillera Domènech


In Mercè Rodoreda’s La plaça del Diamant (1962), the affective world plays such an important role. This paper aims to explore the expression of sadness by analyzing three lexical units that appear frequently in this novel: mal, pena and tristesa. The semantic instructions conveyed by these words crystallize a point of view and a certain degree of intensity that affect the construction of meaning. This means that sadness, like any other feeling or reality, will be perceived from different angles according to the linguistic elements used to designate or to evoke it. Therefore, our final objective will be to compare the lexical units used by Rodoreda in the original text with the ones used in the Spanish, French and English translations. We wonder if the feeling of sadness is conveyed in a similar way and using the same category of lexical units in the translations or if some variation could be described.

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